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  • Monitor Calibration
  • Custom equipment build
  • PAT testing
  • Delivery and transport

In the modern age of cinematography, every element of your production is judged by how it appears on screen. This makes accurate monitors for use on-set, near-set, editing and the dailies room absolutely essential, to ensure you get the colour accuracy and consistency you need first time.

CineArk have invested heavily in training our technicians to perform colour profiling and calibration, using high-end calibration hardware and software. We understand colour science, and can design the right monitoring pipelines for your setup. We specialise in calibrating LCD, LED and OLED technology, as well as any other kind of screen, to provide the best viewing experience.

If your devices are unable to provide enough colour accuracy, CineArk also supply external LUT boxes. These allow us to design and load a high density Look up Table, which can overcome most hardware limitations and improve visual consistency between various monitors, used simultaneously in the same environment.

From consultancy services to hands-on support, our team will help you overcome any issue, to achieve the best quality visual result for viewing and assessing your content.


CineArk combine our intimate knowledge of video tools, colour science and computer science, and strong partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers, to offer cutting-edge solutions for modern cinematography.

We listen to our clients’ needs, to design, build and supply tailor-made systems for DIT, Data Managers and Video Operators, such as DIT matrixes, on-set grading suites, LTO archiving, rendering machines, video capture and playback, Qtake rigs and more.

All of our equipment is supplied with a custom warranty and support level, with special discounts for clients using our storage facilities, giving you access to exclusive technology at competitive prices.


As a freelance technician or production company, you are legally responsible for the gear you provide, so it’s vital to make sure your equipment is safe and compliant with current HSE legislation.

CineArk offer electrical checks and maintenance, along with PAT testing on your hardware. We also provide consultancy services on IT security, to ensure your computer system handles studio contents in line with current MPAA IT security requirements.


Transport your equipment safely anywhere in the world, with secure delivery and collection to and from CineArk. We offer same day delivery within London, next day delivery within the UK and much of the EU, and within 36 hours for worldwide transport.

Our team of in-house couriers are supported by trusted third party affiliates, meaning we can offer express delivery and collection to your set or production office, with full ‘any risk’ insurance.

Your transport can be arranged by phone, email or our easy-to-use online app. Our daily visits to leading camera rental houses, ARRI and Panavision, mean we can organise delivery and pickups of your gear, with minimum hassle and expense. So you no longer need to worry about transporting your gear around!